Please check out the makeup I'm selling on the left column. ( <-----) Yes! I'm selling some of my makeup. All of these are new and never used. A lot of you have asked about certain makeup such as Physician's Formula, Lise Watier so I posted some of those on sale. I tried hard to make all these makeup affordable and either cheaper than the store or waayyyy cheaper than the store. I mean it, some of them are up to 60% off. I'm very excited about this because now people from many other countries can enjoy makeup from North America. Payment is easy and secure in USD currency. I recommend PayPal because it is so easy and fast.

How it Works:

If you have PayPal ( Paypal is the most secure and fastest way of transferring money online. It takes 30 seconds to join and is free)

1. Click on the item you want to buy on the left (select the shade) and click Buy it now.
2. You will be directed to the PayPal site with the invoice of the item
where the total amount of the product including the shipping price will be shown. (Shipping is only between $3-7 dollars depending on the size of the item)
3. Sign on to your PayPal account or create a PayPal account.
4. Pay using your account (PayPal will direct you through this)
5. As soon as I get the payment through PayPal which is instant, your item will be shipped!

If you don't have PayPal
1. Tell me the item you want to purchase by sending an email to
2. I will reply with my address and the total price for the item including shipping ($3-7 dollars depending on size
3. Send cash, money orders, cheques through the mail.
4. Once I receive the payment, the item will be shipped.

I will also be taking orders for any makeup Canada carries and sending it to you upon request through email at That includes all the brand name items such as MAC, Dior, Chanel, Bare Minerals, NARS. Clinique, Shiseido, Jane Iredale, Revlon, Lise Watier, Makeupforever, anything! Once a request is received, I will tell you how much it costs here and once payment is received, the item will be shipped. Once again I'm excited because now all of you get to use makeup you can't find in your own country. I hope all of you feel the same way and support me on my first e-Shop. Thanks and happy shopping!


  1. Anonymous20.2.09

    Hi. I was wondering if you have a tutorial for your Lise Watier concealer???

  2. I am planning on making one. Thanks!

  3. misty4.3.09

    I was wondering, I have some makeup to sell, all brand new, never opened. Is there a way to post an announcement on your e-Shop? Thanks!

  4. eye4makeup8.3.09

    Dear Misty, sure, how much do you have. It takes a while to post and get everything configured on the site and linked to Paypal. I believe Paypal also charges for using their service too. Let me know. Thanks!

  5. OMG! That is just perfect for someone who have to drive 10 houres to get to a MAC store! And we dont have NARS here in Norway...I'll be sending you a mail:) :)

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