5 Ways To Make Your Lipstick Stay On All Day

1. Exfoliate your lips

Just like your foundation, having the perfect, smooth canvas can prolong the wear of your lipstick. Exfoliate your lips regularly. You can splurge on a lip exfoliator or simply spread brown sugar with olive oil on your lips and gently brush off the dead skin cells with a soft bristled toothbrush.

2. Prime and condition your lips

Never underestimate the use of a lip balm or conditioner. Apply a thin layer of the product to smooth out your lips and moisturize them so your lips are ready to take on the lip color. 

3. Use a lip liner and lip brush

Your lip color often fade in a non-flattering way. Lip liners allow the lipstick to stay within the border of your lips. Lip lining can also create definition to your lips and prevent feathering or bleeding of your lipstick. Using a lip brush to apply your lipstick gives precision and make the lip color last longer. 

4. Seal your lipstick

There are a few techniques to do this. The traditional blotting technique is efficient. Apply one layer of lipstick and using a tissue paper, blot the lipstick by pressing your lips on the tissue quickly 1-2 times. Another way is to dab a little bit of translucent powder over your lipstick to seal the lipstick in place. Feel free to reapply a little more of lipstick if the intensity of your lipstick fades during the sealing process.

5. Choose a long wearing lip product

More and more long wearing lip products are on the market. Lip stains is a light weight product that stains your lips and gradually disappears over a long period of time. A popular product on the market right now is the Revlon Balm Stains. A liquid lip color can be heavier on the lips but stay on until you take them off with a remover. An option is the Maybelline 24 Superstay Lipcolor which also comes with a balm stick to prep your lips. 

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